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Our company has a diverse product library, servicing hundreds of MGAs, Wholesalers, MGUs, London Syndicates and more throughout the world. 

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I-Engineering offers various backup strategies and works with your company to implement the best backup protection for your data.

Monthly Maintenance Fees cover all technical support and software updates for your system. This includes all scheduled updates, automatic bug fixes, and future enhancements.

Yes, systems, can be hosted on I-Engineering cloud that offers 24/7 support and service along with fail over and back up strategies in place. For this, a server will be provisioned on I-Engineering’s private cloud, based on the requirements of the installation. Baseline installations will include processor, memory (RAM), storage (Disk), and network (Bandwidth). I-Engineering will take responsibility for ensuring the availability of the server, under the conditions of the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Configurations can be customized at the user’s discretion, at any time.

Yes, systems can be hosted on your own internal network and hardware. For this, a server environment is provided by the client. I-Engineering provides the minimum specifications for the environment, as well as recommended best practices. The client will bear responsibility for maintenance of the server environment as well as ensuring the availability of the environment. Application support will still be provided by I-Engineering as per the maintenance agreement. Downtime as a result of server issues is solely the responsibility of the client; as is Data Protection and Disaster Recovery.

We recommend that during the implementation phase and data migration that the solution be hosted by I-Engineering in order to insure that connectivity is maintained at all times during this process.

All our systems have full firewalls built into their domains, in addition to having SSL certificates.

Customer Service

Our Shelton, CT office is open from 8:00a– 5:00p Eastern US time. Emails can also be sent 24/7 to a project’s Account and Implementation managers.