Cameron Kelly, COO
Worldwide Facilities, LLC – California

I-Engineering Insider since 2016

“The proposition really comes back to the technology. We’ve always found, especially when dealing with our clients, if we can make their job easier, they want to do business with us.”

Josh Korver, President The Insurance Center – Alaska

I-Engineering Insider since 2017

“The benefits of the ALIS platform are almost too many to enumerate. They have vastly changed the operations of my particular agency.”


Robert Hanna, President
Concorde General Agency – North Dakota

I-Engineering Insider since 2014

“[I-Engineering is] constantly looking at opportunities for us in the future and what is important as we go forward. And, there is really a collaborative approach in identifying and understanding and finding out new products, new methods, relevant methods for us to be even more interactive with our agent force.”

James Mastowski, President/CIO
Jimcor Agency, Inc. – New Jersey

I-Engineering Insider since 2014

“I’ve gotten so many people that have commented … this is the best system I’ve ever been on and it’s because it’s intuitive. It’s easy to use.”  


Vickie Isley, VP Personal Lines
The Colonial Group, Inc. – North Carolina

I-Engineering Insider since 2015

“I think the relationship that we have with I-Engineering is great. I get good responses from the implementation manager and don’t have any issues and we communicate really well.”

Scott Landry, President
Lane & Associates, Inc. – Louisiana

I-Engineering Insider since 2017

“Prior to having the ALIS system, we had a separate accounting system, a separate rating system, a policy issuance system. Now we have all the systems linked together, one integrated system, sitting in the cloud.”